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The Industrial Manufacturing & Component sector is in high pressure to adopt the new business models, driven by business needs, global market movements and new age technological solutions. According to IDC, by 2020, 50% of the Global 2000 companies will see the majority of their business depend upon their ability to create digitally enhanced products, services, and experiences. Trends have been assessed by considering their desirability and viability, based on the assumption that IM&C companies want to Increase revenue, increase profitability, improve customer experience and satisfaction, Increase the transparency in business and market.

Significant trends of the innovation trends fall under “Smart Shop Floor and digitally enable the supply chain”.


Lorhan’s difference

Lorhan offers an innovative and cost-effective SAP Solution for Engineering, Construction and SAP Service Marketplace for Mill Products manufacturers – MACHPRO. A solution that is developed to address the typical and critical business scenarios prevailing in Engineering, Construction and Mill Product industries.

MACHPRO is an integrated solution that covers the complete Product Lifecycle from concept to design, design to prototype, trial production to mass production and customer service to maintenance in the areas of Machine Building, Equipment Fabrication, OEM Component Manufacturing, Special Purpose Machineries, core industries like Integrated Steel Plants, Renewable Energy Industries like Wind Power Generation etc., Scenarios like Shift-wise confirmation, roll planning, Reel calculation, Original batch determination, Delivery unit changes, Orders/Combinations, and non-ferrous metals processing are readily available in MACHPRO.

Further, MACHPRO is merged with major production strategies to transform businesses and increase its flexibility potential. We understand that customers come first; hence our solutions are consumer-centric which are personalized and unique to improve customer experience and augment the market value of industries.

Optimize Manufacturing Process

Impart the best manufacturing processes and optimize the inspection and quality check process of every batch ascertained with thorough well-defined documentation.

Just in-time & Just in-sequence

Plan your material requirements based on the Just In-time (JIT) and Just In-sequence (JIS) calls for efficient demand driven production and logistics across supply chain.

Improved Production Planning

Consists of different production planning strategies like – Make to Order (MTO), Make to Stock (MTS), Engineer to Order(ETO), Assemble to Order (ATO) and Configure to Order(CTO)

Online OEE and NEE calculation

Provides aid for quick and effective feedback to the concerned management for taking crucial decisions on overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), Net Equipment Effectiveness (NEE).

Warranty & Claim Management

SAP Warranty and Claim Management for automatic tracking of product/services under warranty period and re-imbursement of claim expenses with in validity

SPC Monitoring

Utilize the Statistical Process Control (SPC) monitoring feature to measure and control the quality of the manufacturing process. The data collected can be evaluated to improve the processes.

Repetitive Manufacturing with Kanban Supply to production

The KANBAN method of replenishing the stock quantities helps in controlling material flow based on actual stock quantities in production.

8D Reporting

8D Reporting – a proven problem-solving method to identify, correct and prevent problems in manufacturing processes and increases operational efficiencies with the PDCA cycle (Plan – Do – Check – Act).

Serial Number Management

Serial Number management can be used at various business procedures within logistics like production, delivery, equipment, Inventory, Goods Movement etc.

Integration of MES systems

Integrate the shopfloor systems with SAP for simplifying the various production processes and consistency of data.

Document Management System (DMS)

Storage/version management/approval workflow of engineering drawings can be done using document management system (DMS)

Real-time inventory information and live MRP

More accurate demand and supply information for faster reaction to frequent changes in demand.

  • Adapts Special Reports, Scripts and Transactions to bridge gaps between the system and the needs of the plant
  • Operational finesse
  • Provision of apt supply chain insights
  • Original batch processing in which characteristic values from an original batch can be copied to a stock batch
  • Preventive and breakdown maintenance of machineries and production resource tools
  • Procurement of raw material with just in time (JIT) delivery schedules
  • Variant configuration to facilitate complex product manufacturing especially in Mill Product Industries
  • Quality assurance and monitoring based on customer and vendor-specific quality plans
  • Online OEE and NEE calculation for quick and effective feedback for the management to take necessary decisions.
  • Cost tracking and variance reporting
  • Online rejections and vendor rating mechanism
  • Reinvention of products
  • Networks with integrated assets
  • Personalized customer experience through rational understanding of their requirements
  • Enhanced understanding of the demand for specific machinery
  • Intelligent profitability analysis
  • Reduction in cost of manufacture
  • Accomplish superior operational efficacy
  • Adoption of proven and best industry practices
  • Increases market visibility
  • Embeds insights into processes for replicating innovative ideas and products
  • Full automation of processes for smoother and more observant monitoring
  • Supports and improves maintenance/run of newer business models


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Our team can assist you in transforming your business through latest tech capabilities to stay ahead of the curve. We have a wide experience in overland industry specific solutions such as life sciences, food & dairy, chemical, textile, engineering, and aviation.

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