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The aviation industry has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the world during the last few years. It has become an integral part of the creation of a global economy and played a key role in global trade & cultural exchange across countries and boost the economic zones by generating new business opportunities. It is also a reckoning force in the global economy in terms of its reach in operations and impacts on other industries like manufacturing, tourism and public mobility.

Over the decades aviation industry has created a significant impact in many businesses. On the other side it is a very competitive field and for the smooth sailing of the business, technological services are vital. The slightest glitch can do a tremendous amount of damage.


How Lorhan can be a key differentiator?

Our immaculate professionals hold expertise in solving challenges related to the aviation industry. We have proved time and again, that as far as aviation is involved, sky is the limit for us.

Lorhan’s services include an array of following as we are well-exposed with each of it with over a decade’s experience developing and delivering digital transformation services-

  • Distinctive solutions for industry-specific needs and applications with special concentration on customizing for LCC and FSC Airlines.
  • Increasing opportunities for financial success while cutting on the operating costs.
  • Solutions for airlines to benefit even while staying compliant with regulations and updating systems accordingly.
  • Strong analytical exposure and experience in flight schedule, inventory, revenue accounting, management, and optimization.
  • Designing solutions in industry-standard applications like Sabre ROCADE, AIMS, Navitaire, and many more.
  • Services for business processes, mapping, project implementation, cloud strategy, and data migration along with digital transformation strategy, ML/AI, blockchain, and IT security and compliances.

Lorhan’s Digital Edge platform uses the latest and most efficient technologies to tackle every challenge that the Aviation industry is facing today. Our expertise ranging across Advanced Mobility, UI/UX, Data Management, DevSecOps, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Cloud Computing to help in Flight Operations, Airport Operations, Commercial, Training, HR, and Finance applications. We can assure you that your journey with us will meet a safe landing.

What Lorhan brings?

A boutique of solutions and services. With our core transforming abilities and the Digital Edge platform capabilities, Lorhan brings the best solutions and services to address the challenges of aviation Industry:


Avipro- a digital solution made exclusively for the Aviation industry and to tackle the challenges faced by its sector. Lorhan's API Integration Platform helps in designing solutions related to industry-leading products such as AIMS, SABRE Rocade, Navitaire, Navblue & SITA. We have expertise in the support and maintenance of all products related to the Aviation industry.

Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)

Fully automated and configurable EFB application operated by cabin crew using handheld device i.e. iPad, PDA etc. Lorhan's Digital Edge Platform helps Pilots access flight plan documents, trim sheets, fuel & safety information on their mobile/iPads. It also shows information like Baggage & Cargo weight,


Navigation logs, Weather reports, etc. helps pilots to navigate with ease with efficient decision making. Aiding in fields of e-Crew briefing, e-Load sheet, supplementary documents, fuel management and analytics, and e-Safety management,

Lorhan provides paperless solutions for accurate and speedy calculations, eliminating manual errors, reduced fuel maintenance costs, feedback based tracking, easy and quick issue recording and much more.

Crew Management

Our digital solutions are aimed at catering to Crew Scheduling, Roster preparation, Hotel & Transport Management, leave, medical, license, training alerts and more for ease and simplicity in managing the crew and its areas of challenges.

Crew Portal – Aviation industry's Crew reporting, Briefing, notification, roster calendar, leave bidding and more can be handled with our user-friendly and efficient solutions

Chat Bot / Voice Bot

Product may use to automate Airlines’ internal and external customers for enabling their business requirements, alerts, FAQs, queries. Lorhan's Chatbot & Voice Bot help airlines with flight itinerary, Boarding Pass, Check-In, Notifications, Flight Status, PNR Status, Baggage Policy etc.


Lorhan offers digitized solutions for In-flight Service/catering, meal-type upload counting, wastages, route-wise meal upload/consumptions analysis for the smoother functioning of the business.

Lorhan’s Aviation Centre of Excellence (CoE):

A boutique of solutions and services. With our core transforming abilities and the Digital Edge platform capabilities, Lorhan brings the best solutions and services to address the challenges of aviation Industry:

Travel Assistance BOT

With our Smart AI empowered Chatbot and Voice Bot, areas like ticket summary, itinerary, check-in, boarding pass, flight status, PNR status and more can be handled easily. This custom BOT framework is portable to integrate with any messaging platform like Facebook Messenger, Web Chat, Google Suite, MS Kaizala and Google Assistance Voice BOT.

Digital Crew Care

Helping aviation industry through its future digital workplace Microsoft Kaizala, LorhanIT's pre-configured solution aids airline crew to know their Schedule, Communicate, Learn, Recognize, Helpdesk, get info and complete daily tasks.

Airlines Baggage Management

LorhanIT's solution provides timely and accurate information with transparency and privacy packed with a highly protected and secure system in areas like automated baggage handling, lost baggage information, digital baggage tracking, passenger information and more.

Crew Check-in

With IOT connected mobile application, LorhanIT provides IOT Beacon based connectivity along with effective time management and employee satisfaction, aiding in fields like check-in, check-out and information on medical tests.

Emergency Response System

LorhanIT offers cloud-ready solutions with real time status, plug and play connectivity with social media, customer and flight wise reports, high volume queue based process mechanism along with configurable database options like MongoDB, MS-SQL, and MySQL for IROPS management, day of operations notifications, social media notifications and more.

SAP in Aviation

S4HANA airline specific solution calculates planned Flight and Passenger costs and mobility solution for service confirmation by outstation personnel during flight turnaround, capturing the actual quantities. This functionality can be leveraged to manage most of the Direct Operating Cost processes and can enable cost reduction, better control and a harmonization of the system landscape.

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