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The airline industry provides service to virtually every corner of the globe and has been an integral part of the creation of a global economy. Airline industry is reckoning force in the global economy in terms of its reach in operations and impacts on other industries like manufacturing, tourism and public mobility. Like other industry customer is the key for their progress in the competitive aviation industry.

Aviation industry is one of the major contributors to GDB because of its social and economic viability. Over the decades aviation industry has created a significant impact on employment, played a key role in global trade & cultural exchange across countries and boost the economic zones by generating new business opportunities.

Consulting & Solutions for Airlines Industry Applications

For our customers, Lorhan IT was the trusted business partners helping them drive their business and achieve goals. We have a highly experienced, global consulting team, with airline expertise to work and solve business challenges. We have a comprehensive portfolio of offerings starting from implementing our solution, business process consulting or implementing industry best practices. Our tailored solution which have delivered measurable benefits in the past help delivers customer needs.

  1. Business Consulting Services in Airport Operations, Flight & Crew Operations, In-Flight, Commercials, Training department, Customer Relationship Management
  2. Operational Control Centre comprises 24*7 support for industry proven airline software like AIMS, Sabre Rocade, ARMS, MERLOT, SITA, Navblue and satellite custom built applications interfacing these products. Solution supports functions of Crew & Flight Planning, Crew Logistics, Scheduling, Flight Management
  3. Product Development in Hotel and Transport automation for logistics team, Catering Automation, Flight Plan Automation, Crew Annual Leave Bid System, Crew Bidding System, Notification system for internal/external communication via email SMS & IVR, APIS, application portfolio rationalization, Weight & Balance etc.
  4. Interface API Integration Platform with expertise knowledge in interface integration with AIMS, Sabre Rocade, Navitaire, SITA, Navblue

Solution Differentiators


Aviation CoE

Center of excellence (CoE) in Aviation comprises a team or a shared facility that has a leading-edge knowledge and competency in that area. CoE provides Industry best practices, embrace & adapt new technologies for focus areas. It helps in adoption, implementation and maintenance. Frameworks and Blueprints are smart tools of a CoE for any enterprise.

Our Centre of Excellence and innovation is driven by our Digital Edge Platform.

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Paperless Cockpit

Pilots and co-pilots access flight plan documents, trim sheets, fuel information on the go. Mobile solution for iPads/Mobile with information like Fuel, Baggage & Cargo weight, NOTAMS, Navigation logs, Weather Reports, etc. helps pilot to navigate information with ease and efficient decision making. This also helps in accurate fuel and load calculation and on fly availability of latest flight data.Fully configurable solution with quick calculation of aircraft weight and balance.

AI Chatbot/Voice Bot

Airline Chatbots/ Voice Bots helps airlines with Flight Itinerary, Boarding Pass, Check-In, Reminders, Alert notifications, Crew helpdesk application. Microsoft Kaizala is fast becoming a platform as a digital workplace for crew in airlines.

Blockchain in Aviation

Blockchain has the capability to streamline the certification process of individuals, equipment and others, helping the industry to maintain high standards for safety and security, which are top priorities of airlines and the wider value chain. It can contribute significantly in Smart Contracts in Aviation, Identity Management for Outstanding Passenger experience & Baggage Handling.

Aviation SAP Solutions

S4HANA airline specific solution calculates planned Flight costs and Passenger costs and a mobility solution for service confirmation by outstation personnel during flight turnaround (capturing actual quantities). This functionality can be leveraged to manage most of the Direct Operating Cost processes and can enable cost reduction, better control and a harmonization of the system landscape

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