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Advanced Mobility

We are a leading provider of integrated mobility solutions for a future world. Our solutions help shape and lead the emerging future of mobility through our strategy. The advanced mobility unit working independently and with partners to create the new technologies and business models. Our innovation partnerships have already begun and, as new opportunities arise, we are looking to work with the best in class in each emerging field. We have wide range of tailored solutions specific to manufacturing and airline industry. This is based on latest technology and for iOS, Android & MS platforms. We adopt to newer technologies as we inch forward which makes our solutions best in class.

Artificial Intelligence based BOTs

Microsoft/Java platform-basedcloud enabled custom framework portable to integrate with any messaging platform like WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, Web Chat, Google Suite, MS-Kaizala, Google Assistance Voice Bot. This enables airline with Flight Itinerary, Boarding Pass, Check-In, Reminders, Alert notifications, Helpdesk application

Microsoft Kaizala as a platform

Airline Crew mobile notification and scheduling solution using Microsoft Kaizala platform.Crew Helpdesk, Self-Service, Leave, timesheets, notifications can also be leveraged using this platform.

Digital Experience

Microservices Application Platform:

Microservices are independent applications or can be knit together into a larger system.
Microservices can be used to create new apps, and also as a pattern to break apart and refactor legacy monolithic apps for the cloud era.
Lorhan can help adopt a microservices architecture with benefits as listed below: –

  1. Expedite software release cycle
  2. Update your software and even add new features more quickly.
  3. Smaller team working independently to smaller sections of the overall system can deliver faster.
  4. Improves team’s ability to innovate, unblocks creativity
  5. Platform will make it easier to scale up app when there is demand

Agile DevOps Platform:

Rapid Application development using Agile DevOps Platform.

Lorhan helps customer do Agile/DevOps maturity assessment and propose appropriate industry standard tools. These tools help agile and DevOps teams to govern, test, and monitor software, while achieving an amazing user experience.

Solution provides any business IT organization a platform to deliver on the IT transformation that has been promised for long to business. This is a collaborative approach which engages people and enables them to establish interaction of processes and integration of tools. The platform enables organization to deliver on the promise of agile by easing any limitations that might exist due to practices that have been followed by the operation organization.


Journey to Cloud

Setup Cloud: Establish a robust private cloud solution which is not only highly available, but also highly flexible and elastic to cater to unpredictable demands and inorganic growth, is a key to its successful implementation.Lorhan enables customers to focus on their business goals rather than getting entangled with infrastructure setups and management.

Migration to Cloud: Neutralize migration complexities through our sophisticated migration tools and methodologies. A wave wise migration plan with application grouping as part of this scope gives predictable results. Our migration experts bring non-disruptive, zero rollback migration capabilities while using industry leading migration tools.

Move to SaaS/COTS products

Best suited if the business process addressed by the existing application can be easily migrated to industry known SaaS/COTS products

Migrate (Lift and Shift)

This approach is best suited for applications where redesign is not a priority. Through lift and shift organization can realize quick cost savings.

Modernize (Leverage Containers & PaaS services)

Best suited where some level of code change is acceptable, or applications are already hosted on cloud and PaaS services are to be leveraged.

Modernize (Cloud Native Apps)

Best suited when the existing application has lot of challenges in terms of performance, scalability, maintainability etc. and there is a need to completely re-architect / rebuild the application

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