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Lorhan IT Air Convention News – Europe 2019

AIR Convention Europe has clearly established itself has one of the ambitious commercial conventions out there. Spanning During all 3 days of exclusive the events, exhibition and conference panel speeches, – the aviation industry review shared the knowledge of the featured high level representatives from the world’s leading multiple airlines, airports, aviation training schools, MRO and other companies operating in aviation sector across the globe.

With three parallel streaming panels and the biggest number of sponsors in its history, the event saves its core focus in innovation, taking place in Vilnius, Lithuania. Find below the key statistics of the event.

European Aviation Event 2019 Information

  • 800+ attendees
  • 144 representatives from 69 global airlines (like Air France, Turkish Airlines, Wizz Air, Air Dolomiti, Pegasus Airlines, SAS Airlines, Norwegian Airlines etc.)
  • 11 airports like (Greater Toronto’s airport authority, Tallinn Airport, Trieste airport, Warsaw Modlin Airport, Riga Airport, Finavia, Bratisalva Airport etc.)
  • 283 attending companies with representatives from Airbus, Boeing, IATA, OSM Aviation, Lufthansa, Turkish, KLM Engineering & Maintenance)

About the Organizer

  • AeroTime is an international aviation news media with a global audience of 200,000 aviation professionals following industry trends via its website, e-newsletters and social media.
  • AeroTime also acts as a universal platform for businesses aiming to enhance their brand awareness and build a stronger reputation within the global aviation community.
  • AviationCV.com – AviationCV.com is a global provider of Pilot, Cabin Crew, MRO and Office staffing solutions, including both permanent recruitment and flight crew leasing services.
  • The company also operates world’s biggest aviation job-board with a vast database of specialists.
  • CEO – Mindaugas Gumauskas
  • Business leader and CEO at AviationCV.com with over 18 years’ experience in Business-To-Consumers, Digital Products, Media and Broadcasting industries.
  • Offices
  • Lithuania, NYC, Dubai & Singapore
  • Discussion Forums

    • Digital transformation within the industry
    • Building the connected digital airline of the future
    • Baggage Handling System
    • Robotics, artificial intelligence and blockchain
    • Standardized and harmonized Tech Ops model
    • Travel document check: Success through automation
    • Digitalization and Crisis Management
    • Rolling out inflight connectivity: how it will deliver a unique and engaging digital on-board experience
    • The evolution of the airport in a data-driven society
    • MRO Products & Solutions
    • Training

    Lorhan’s Objectives

    Our objective was to introduce Lorhan IT to the Aviation Industry in Europe as an expert in Aviation Solutions & Products

    Lorhan IT Exposure

    • We Lorhan IT had multiple meetings/presentations over the course the Conference and got introduced to the most (if not all) attendees via the conference Media, mobile App and networking.
    • We had meetings, technical discussions, presentations throughout the Conference and have a record of 50+ leads, that are interested to continue talking with us.
    • Apart from showing interest in our products and solutions, many companies were looking for IT Partner to develop/support products/solutions for Aviation IT Industry



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