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Overview – SAP S4HANA Implementation for Textile Industry

Textile Industry has been one of the biggest industrial segments and has its unique challenges in sustaining year on year growth. Each customer in this industry segment has a unique adoption to the geographical and social aspects. With increasing demand and new technological overtaking the old has led to an innovative solution meeting, the demands of industrial applications, business applications, innovative processes and Integrated & Automation of IT Solutions is of paramount importance.

SAP Consulting & Solution

LORHAN’s SAP solution “LORHAN -TEX” offers an Integrated Solution for the Textile Industry: from ‘Fibre to Fashion’ solutions and services exclusively designed for Textile industries. The key focus area of this solution is end-to-end integration aimed at addressing the challenges across the value chain and helps adopt industry best practices. Besides system integration, it specializes in application and data integration, efficient business workflow, and develops market intelligent analytics using cutting-edge technology tools.

Key Features

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