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Overview – SAP Service Marketplace for Industrial Manufacturing

The Industrial Manufacturing & Component sector is in high pressure to adopt the new business models, driven by business needs, global market movements and new age technological solutions. According to IDC, by 2020, 50% of the Global 2000 will see the majority of their business depend upon their ability to create digitally enhanced products, services, and experiences. Trends have been assessed by considering their desirability and viability, based on the assumption that IM&C companies want to Increase revenue, increase profitability, improve customer experience and satisfaction, Increase the transparency in business and market. Significant trends of the innovation trends fall under “Smart Shop Floor and digitally enable the supply chain”.”

SAP Consulting and Solution for Mill Product Manufacturers

Lorhan offers an innovative and cost-effective SAP Solution for Engineering, Construction and SAP Service Marketplace for Mill Products manufacturers. This solution is developed to address the typical and critical business scenarios prevailing in Engineering, Construction and Mill Product industries. ”Lorhan – Mach” is an integrated solution that covers the complete Product Lifecycle from concept to design, design to prototype, trial production to mass production and customer service to maintenance in the areas of Machine Building, Equipment Fabrication, OEM Component Manufacturing, Special Purpose Machineries, core industries like Integrated Steel Plants, Renewable Energy Industries like Wind Power Generation. Scenarios like Shift-wise confirmation, roll planning, Reel calculation, Original batch determination, Delivery unit changes, Orders/Combinations, and non-ferrous metals processing are readily available in our solution.

Some of the Key Features of SAP Solution for Engineering (IM&C)

  • Integrated solution for Design, Pilot Launch and Stabilization
  • Variant configuration to facilitate complex product manufacturing especially in Mill Product Industries
  • Complete sub-contracting solution and Shift-wise production confirmation/ reporting
  • Quality assurance and monitoring based on customer and vendor specific quality plans
  • SPC monitoring for process control and improvements
  • Online OEE and NEE calculation for quick and effective feedback for the management to take necessary decisions
  • Online rejections and vendor rating mechanism and Returnable package processing, Non-ferrous metal processing in pricing
  • Original batch processing in which characteristic values from an original batch can be copied to a stock batch
  • Warranty claims, nature of failure/claims category in customer service
  • Project Systems integration with milestone billing
  • Preventive and breakdown maintenance of machineries and production resource tools Special Reports,
  • Customer complaints processing with solutions like 8D reporting
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