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Overview – SAP S/4HANA Software for Chemical and Dyes Industries

Chemical industry is one of the largest sectors comprising of industrial and commoditised products. One of the key sectors that is driving the economy of the modern world. More than 70K different products are manufactured from raw materials like oil, metals, minerals etc.

Chemical industry contributes close to $3 trillion dollars one of the complex industries and is integrated with other industries through a strong supply chain. Due to a strong customer supplier relationship between chemical industries Digital enablement of Supply chain is the key driver.

SAP Consulting and Solution for Chemical Industry

LORHAN’s SAP Solution “LORHAN-CHEM” offers solutions and services exclusively designed for Chemical and related industries.  The key focus area of this solution is end-to-end integration aimed at addressing the challenges across the value chain and helps adopt industry best practices complying with regulatory requirements. Besides system integration, it specializes in application and data integration, efficient business workflow, and develops market intelligent analytics using cutting-edge technology tools. This is backed by a comprehensive understanding of the Chemical industry, deep rooted domain knowledge capabilities to improve the odds of the intensely competitive Chemical industry business environment.

Lorhan Chemical Industry Software Solutions

LORHAN with an experience of over 200+ implementations in SAP ERP and 25+ Chemical implementations becomes an evident choice when it comes to delivering speedy and quality solutions in SAP’s product space.

Key Features of Chemical Solution

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